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Soften up your “hard to get” audience by staying in touch. Often.

Apr 5, 2016

Remember the person you wanted to date and she was playing hard to get? Maybe it took hanging out by her locker, writing her a note, (or sending her a social media message in today’s world) and perhaps even a few calls. When it comes to business, gaining the trust of your audience is kind […]

Mar 15, 2016

Do you wake up at three in the morning the day of a national holiday thinking, Dang! I missed another opportunity to alert my list with a holiday email to sell? Don’t fret. You aren’t alone. It is often a forgotten tactic. Never fear, it is one that is easily remedied. You can even create […]

Are your leads dead, on life support or simply in need of TLC?

Oct 12, 2015

For years, you have had a steady flow of quality leads. Everything seems to be whirling like a well-oiled machine. Then without warning, your leads begin to dry up. What happened? For one thing, leads that aren’t ready to buy today aren’t dead, they are just not ripe yet. It doesn’t mean they will NEVER […]

Quick and Dirty: 9 Steps to getting results fast

Aug 17, 2015

If you were dropped in a law firm that charged a flat fee for its services and a gun was put to your head with the direction to Getting Results Fast. What should you do? Raise prices and put in a process to maximize the payments for each case by using an outbound phone person […]

THREE (powerful) ways writing YOUR book draws in leads like bees to honey!

Jan 1, 2015

If you have been following my teachings for any time, you already know that one of the main principles behind my philosophy is using a book as the cornerstone of your education-based marketing. Nothing builds trust with your prospects like having your book to offer to leads, prospects and referral partners. It will maximize the […]

What do marketing and Lay’s Potato Chips have in common?

Dec 11, 2014

I remember when I was growing up, potato chips in Pennsylvania were a religious experience. Utz was a regional brand of potato chips that bore no resemblance to the national brands of chips such as Lay’s. They came in foil bags that kept them crispy and fresh, and I don’t know what they did them […]

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