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Lead Generation: You are spending WHAT to get each new client?

May 12, 2016

Lead Generation: It’s the bane of many business providers. What is the right investment ratio for generating leads? In the old days, attorneys setting up their practice would pick up the phone and call the local rep for the YELLOW PAGES and negotiate their ad. Then, they would sit back and stare at the phone […]

TV Advertising Done the Right Way

May 5, 2016

TV Advertising – it is the fastest way to take a business from OK to Out of This World.  However, the moment this topic comes up is the moment that fear instantly fills the conversation. The FEAR of COST. TV is affordable if it is done correctly. There are many attorneys who have tried TV […]

Why Client Appreciation Events? Because they work!

Apr 28, 2016

Why Client Appreciation Events? Because they work! Keeping your former clients happy isn’t hard nor is it expensive, but taking the time to regularly extend your appreciation can pay you dividends for many years. The law of reciprocation is at work in this arena as well as is keeping your name at the top of […]

Working a Bucket of Expo Leads Starts with a Plan

Feb 25, 2016

One tool in your overflowing toolbox useful toward generating leads is the expo. Here’s the thing, they are tricky because there are so many variables that can affect the goal, which is always to walk away with a sheet of leads with all of the contact information complete and even better, appointments scheduled on your […]

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