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How to Develop Inclusivity in Your Law Firm

Building a More Inclusive Law Firm (Part 2)

Jul 16, 2020

Realizing the value of making your law firm more inclusive is one thing. Implementing the idea is another. What practical steps can you take to ensure everyone on your team is treated fairly, and just as importantly, feels appreciated and valued? Let’s discuss some ideas.   Involve Your Team One of the best ways to […]

How to Develop Inclusivity in Your Law Firm

Building a More Inclusive Law Firm (Part 1)

Jul 9, 2020

We hear the term inclusivity quite a bit these days, particularly in the context of office culture. Businesses large and small are actively evaluating their policies and practices to make their companies more inclusive, both to employees and to customers. But what does it mean to be inclusive, and why is it important? As it […]

How to Practice Self-Care while Running Your Law Firm in a Pandemic

COVID-19 and Your Law Firm: The Importance of Practicing Self-Care

May 28, 2020

We’ve spent some time on the blog talking about the various aspects of running and maintaining a law firm during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Now let’s talk about you. Starting and running one’s own business can be stressful under the best of circumstances—and these are most definitely NOT the best of circumstances. We’re self-isolating for […]

How Attorneys in Isolation can Find Community During a Pandemic

Finding Community and Mentorship During the Pandemic

May 21, 2020

Let’s face facts: Starting and running your own law firm can be a lonely proposition, especially at the beginning. Now, with stay-at-home orders in place and law offices running their teams remotely, you may feel more isolated than ever—especially if you’re also struggling to stay afloat. If ever there was a time for attorneys to […]

African Woman Raising Hand To Ask Question

The Art and Science of Asking Great Questions

Feb 6, 2020

One of the key traits of our evolution as humans—that which sets us apart from the other animals—is our ability to ask questions. Most of our educational structures are based on question-and-answer. Asking questions helps us learn about the world around us, solve problems and obtain key information. No one understands this concept better than […]

How to Hire the Right People and Build Your Team

The Right People Doing the Right Things: Creative Team Building for Your Law Firm

Jan 30, 2020

When you run your own law firm, you’re not just the “lead attorney” or “chief partner”—you’re also the owner of the business, the one who sets the tone and direction of the firm. Naturally, you have your own ideas and agenda for what needs to be done, and at some point, you’re going to build […]

law firm management trends

Biggest Law Firm Management Trends of the Past Decade (Part 2)

Dec 12, 2019

Running a law firm looks quite a bit different now than it did ten years ago. As the decade comes to a close, let’s continue our discussion on some of the most notable law firm management trends from the 2010s so we can have context going into the next decade.   A Data-Driven Approach Access […]

Biggest Law Firm Management Trends of the Past Decade (Part 1)

Dec 5, 2019

This December marks the end of the 2010s, which makes it a perfect time to take a quick look back at where we’ve been, as well as where we’re going. The advances of the past decade in particular have had a dramatic impact on how we practice law and how we serve our clients. Before […]

Tips for Dealing with Employee Distraction at Your Law Firm

Distracted Employees at Your Law Firm? Here’s How to Help Them Focus

Nov 18, 2019

Workplace distraction is the bane of the modern office—and chances are your law firm is no exception when it comes to distracted employees. According to a study by Udemy last year, 70 percent of employees claim they are regularly distracted in the workplace, and more than half of employees said they aren’t as productive at […]

The Right and Wrong Ways to Set Goals for the 2020s

Goal Setting for Your Law Firm in the 2020s: Best (and Worst) Practices

Nov 12, 2019

The end of the year can a key time for firms like yours to evaluate past performance and set new goals for the upcoming year. It matters even more because we’re coming up on a new decade, not just a new year. To keep your law firm on the path toward success, you should be […]

Get More Done with Focused Work versus Long Hours

Quality Over Quantity: Why Focused Work Beats Longer Hours

Sep 19, 2019

There’s no getting around it: Starting and running your own law firm is going to take hard work. A lot of it. Especially at the beginning, a standard “work day” for you may not look anything like the typical 9-to-5. That said, I would caution you that there’s a difference between focused hard work and […]

Why Many Lawyers Are Terrible Writers

Common Terrible Writing Habits Many Lawyers Develop–and How to Fix Them

Jul 5, 2019

As attorneys, we are trained to pay close attention to the letter of the law. We must analyze wording thoroughly and choose our own words meticulously when writing legal documents. While this practice helps make us better lawyers in general, if we’re not careful, it can also cause us to develop some bad writing habits […]

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