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Draw a picture of your ideal client…

Nov 21, 2013

For the purposes of this experiment, we’ll assume you can draw. I say that because I certainly can’t draw a straight line. But for right now, imagine you have a canvas before you and you are drawing  a picture of the person that represents the client that is best suited for you. Think about that […]

Do you need to fix the No. 1 problem in your Law Firm?

Nov 19, 2013

Here’s a shocker for you. How do you increase cash in a business? Raise prices. Wow, earth-shattering. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was it? Game over, close the book and go to work. Rich gave me all of the information I need, so now I can sleep at night. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. […]

Whose minding the email etiquette in YOUR company?

Nov 12, 2013

Many companies use email extensively as a communication tool, especially when people are spread out and working on various projects as teams. This is both good and bad news. It’s good because it’s a way to keep everyone current and on the same page. It’s bad when emotions creep in and finger-pointing occurs. We all […]

Press Release: Richard James named Titanium Marketer of the Year!

Nov 7, 2013

For Immediate Release: November 6, 2013 Contact: Sheryl Keeme 602.369-7452 Gilbert, AZ legal marketing entrepreneur receives Top Award for superior marketing results and growth Entrepreneur group names Richard James Titanium Marketer of the Year MESA, AZ–“Legal systems expert” and Gilbert resident Richard James received Titanium of the Year award from a GKIC national mastermind […]

Press Release: ABR adds outbound calling services

Nov 5, 2013

For Immediate Release: October 31, 2013 Contact: Sheryl Keeme 602.369.7452 Gilbert, AZ entrepreneur grows professional service providers marketing firm through outbound calling Helping professionals find clients one lead at a time MESA, AZ–“Legal systems expert” Richard James now offers four services to professional service providers across the country thanks to the expansion of the […]

Quality control can affect your show rate….

Oct 31, 2013

Do you know all the points of contact that can influence your show rate? When setting an appointment for a new lead to come into your office, have you controlled all of the variables? Do you even know what they are? For example, when a prospect calls do you know how they are greeted? Take […]

Just another old fashioned good customer service story

Oct 24, 2013

Buying furniture can sometimes feel a lot like buying a used car. Smily sales people walk around the floor offering help and then when asked for a price or delivery costs, they have to ‘ask their manager’ or ‘call the owner’. There’s a new furniture store in our area called American Furniture Warehouse. The buzz […]

Become more like The Count every day for a successful business

Oct 17, 2013

Dreams are what guide us, art is what defines us, math is what makes it all possible, and love is what lights our way. —Mike Norton I love this quote because it basically sums up so much. The part I am focusing on today is MATH; it is what makes it all possible. The same […]

When planning TV and radio segments, why YOU and not your staff?

Oct 10, 2013

When planning your segments for TV or radio, our goal is to create celebrity status for you. There can only be ONE celebrity. This is challenging with partners. Certainly there are egos involved. If you have a partner, you must choose one of you to be the brand. I recommend it’s you and here’s why. […]

What is your strategic direction?

Oct 8, 2013

Do you know what your strategic direction is? If someone asks you where you see your practice in five, 10 or 15 years, do you know what you want it to look like? Spending time and energy on deciding your strategic direction for your business is time well-spent. It may take some soul searching and […]

Daily bread – motivation

Oct 4, 2013

Personal goals are very important. Do you spend time re-setting goals from time to time? If you’re not, you deserve to. The focus we put into achieving a goal enables us to get much more from life in general as the determination, drive and resolution needed to achieve a goal will also foster success in […]

Twelve steps toward writing your lead generating book

Oct 1, 2013

Our clients usually agree that writing a book creates celebrity, opens doors and gives you a great lead-generating tool as well. The problem is, they also believe this is a far greater and more complicated process than it really is. Here is a simple twelve-step guideline that can help you get on the right path […]

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