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Top Areas of Frustration Among Attorneys

Common Sources of Attorney Frustration

Nov 16, 2018

In almost every job or career—even the ones we love—there is usually some aspect of the job that we would rather not deal with, something that frustrates or annoys us. The same holds true with lawyers, even those who have their own firms. Fortunately, we can often find creative ways to mitigate those issues somewhat. […]

law firm young children

Running a Law Firm with Young Children at Home: Tips and Considerations

Nov 4, 2018

Building a successful law firm requires hard work and dedication—but so does building a successful family. One of the greatest challenges attorneys face, especially during their early years, is the struggle to balance a busy law career while raising young children. While the problem favors no gender, female attorneys often feel the sting of this […]

3 Ways to Streamline Tedious Tasks in Your Law Firm

3 Things You’re Doing in Your Law Firm that You Can Put on Autopilot Almost Instantly

May 17, 2018

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. —William Penn Have you ever heard an attorney complain about having too much spare time? (Other than sarcastically, I mean.) The overworked lawyer has become the accepted stereotype of the profession, to the point that if you’re not too busy, people wonder what you’re […]

law firm growing

Signs Your Law Firm Is Growing Too Fast, and How to Deal with the Chaos

Aug 8, 2017

“Growth is terrific, but good, sustainable growth is much better. It’s much harder to grow well than it is to just grow.” –Brian Hamilton, Sageworks (via Forbes) It’s the problem every attorney hopes to have: Your law firm is growing to the point that you’re running to catch up with it. New clients sign up […]

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