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What to Do and What Not to Do with Legal Interns

Onboarding an Intern for Your Law Firm: Dos and Don’ts

Dec 6, 2018

One particular advantage of running your own law firm: You’ll never have a shortage of eager law school students offering to help out as legal interns. When you do it thoughtfully and correctly, onboarding an intern for your law firm is a win-win situation. You get access to fairly cheap labor for those menial tasks […]


5 Things We’d Love to See Law Schools Start Teaching ASAP

Oct 20, 2018

“Boy, they sure didn’t teach me this in law school.” How often do we hear these words from the mouths of rookie lawyers? Like so many other professions, the difference between law school and the “real world” is almost like being on two different planets. Most law schools train their focus so heavily on the […]

Learning and Growing from Your Unhappy Clients

How to Learn Amazing Lessons from Your Unhappy Clients

Oct 7, 2018

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” –Bill Gates No one I know of particularly enjoys getting complaints. We much prefer the kudos—the pats on the back from clients who tell us we’re the best. But here’s the reality: We learn much more from our complaining clients than our satisfied ones—and for […]

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Doing LESS Can Make You a MORE Productive Attorney: Here’s the Science

Aug 29, 2018

In a previous post, we began debunking the notion that an overly busy attorney is a happy attorney—let alone a successful one. Lawyers who are too busy to enjoy life, by definition, are not enjoying life. The same holds true with any profession. Yet while productivity does lead to greater fulfillment, the science clearly shows […]

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It’s Crazy That Lawyers Brag About How Hard They Work

Aug 22, 2018

When you run into a colleague at a conference or networking event, how does the chit-chat generally go? Typically, it follows this basic pattern: “How are you doing?” “Super busy. You?” “Busy.” It’s not a myth. As the Chicago Tribune notes, the median work week for a lawyer is 50 hours, but over 40 percent […]

physical environment

Why the Physical Environment at Your Law Firm Matters

Jul 23, 2018

A desk, a phone, a computer, a door, restroom access, filing cabinets. When you’re starting out as a lawyer-entrepreneur with a limited budget, you may be satisfied renting any office space with these basic items, regardless of the physical environment. But is your office welcoming, or dingy and claustrophobic? (Images come to mind of Jimmy […]

Why Optimistic Law Firm Owners Are More Successful

Successful Law Firm Owners (and Entrepreneurs) Tend to Be Optimists. Why?

Jun 28, 2018

Optimism: (noun [ US]   /ˈɑp·təˌmɪz·əm/): the tendency to be hopeful and to emphasize or think of the good part in a situation rather than the bad part, or the feeling that in the future good things are more likely to happen than bad things. —Cambridge Dictionary   We’ve all heard the tired glass-half-empty vs. […]

What They Don’t Teach You in Law School

4 Things They Don’t Teach in Law School—But Should

May 10, 2018

A question for you lawyers: How many of you felt like law school didn’t properly prepare you for actually being an attorney? (Hands up everywhere.) Law school is great for teaching us the principles of law in a theoretical environment (not to mention fulfilling a requirement for passing the Bar)—but as with so many professions, […]

Bitcoin gold rush

3 Lessons Your Law Firm Can Learn from the Bitcoin Gold Rush

Feb 22, 2018

When the value of the crypto-currency Bitcoin went up 1000 percent last year—peaking last November at $20,000—a lot of people kicked themselves for not buying in sooner. The following month, some of those same people were kicking themselves again… when their $20,000 Bitcoin lost half its value within days. The volatility of virtual currencies like […]

net neutrality

Will the End of Net Neutrality Threaten Your Law Firm’s Online Operations?

Feb 8, 2018

On December 14, 2017, in the face of loud opposition, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order (also known as “net neutrality”), opening the door for Internet carriers to set different price points and speeds for types of Internet traffic. The possibility of losing Internet speed, traffic and customers—due to […]

client payment

How to Prevent or Minimize Client Payment Issues for Your Law Firm

Dec 28, 2017

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. —Benjamin Franklin   We previously discussed practical solutions to help you deal with late-paying or non-paying clients. Now, let’s discuss an even better approach: Keeping late payments from happening in the first place. By setting up a few proactive systems and processes, you can prevent […]

mystery shopper

Having a “Mystery Shopper” Investigate Your Law Firm—What You Can Learn

Dec 7, 2017

When you’re evaluating your law firm practices to see what’s working, what isn’t working and what needs to be tweaked… your best source of intel ironically won’t be your current clientele. Rather, it’s with the people who didn’t become clients, or stopped being clients—the ones who got away. Unfortunately, gaining that intel is elusive. As […]

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