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Planning is a Not-So-Secret Weapon for Success

Sep 25, 2014

Did you ever notice that almost every training session you attend about being successful begins with a phrase that says something about making a plan or planning? Plans are necessary tools for creating the kind of success that grows, evolves and creates new opportunities for growth, no doubt about it. Yet, many entrepreneurs fall into […]

Do you know how you spend your time? Really?

Sep 11, 2014

You know your kids are going to roll their eyes when you ask them to show you their homework in order that you can sign off on it. You’ll get the same kind of reaction when you announce to your employees that it’s time to do a time study. When you share with them that […]

Spend More Time Looking Through the Windshield than in the Rear view Mirror

Mar 6, 2014

As an entrepreneur, it’s vitally important to focus most of your time with your eyes looking “down the road” – into the future. Day in and day out, as busy business owners, we spend much of our time meeting and hopefully exceeding our current customers’ expectations. But it’s equally important that we spend time looking […]

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