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We offer individual consultation sessions for attorneys who want personalized law firm coaching from Richard James. Our one-on-one consultation is only by application, so if you want an exclusive analysis from our law firm analyst, make sure to schedule your session ahead of time.

On a very limited, case-by-case basis, Richard can work directly with you and your team to build your law firm's entire system. Anyone who matches the following criteria should avail of this special service offered by law firm analyst and management consultant Richard James:

  • You're an attorney who wants to have Your Practice Mastered™ .
  • You are willing to work with Richard James in order to refine aspects of your business and get Your Perfect Client Lifecycle™ .
  • You're a small law firm owner who believes that Systems Run Your Law Firm and People Run Your Systems
  • You need guidance on how to achieve your goals, set up systems, and measure success for his/her law firm

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1-on-1 consultation with a law firm analyst

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Attorney George McCranie and Danielle

George, a criminal defense attorney, and his wife Danielle are running their own law practice in Douglas Georgia. They were facing several organizational issues and are concerned about their firm's growth. Working with Richard James, gave them training on how to delegate tasks and work as business partners. As Danielle shared: "I no longer feel like I'm alone in the business because I have this whole team..."

I began with just getting the basic lead sources and tracking my numbers. Once I started that, I started understanding I had some control of my life. That I could control where I could get marketing, where I could get leads, and how I could bring new people in. Then it all became easier for me.

Andrew Griffin

Attorney , El Cajon, CA

I was in a larger firm than I have now, we were not profitable, I was losing my mind and really looking for a way to grow sensibly and to keep my sanity. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re not insane anymore. I don’t work all weekend, we’re turning a profit, we’ve shrank and then grown again in a way that makes sense for my practice, and I sleep at night.

Emily Smith Lee

Attorney, Sharon, MA

My first impression was 'Why did it take me so long to do this?'. And I was really excited about all of the stuff that we’ve learned. There were things that we could employ right away, things that we could work toward. Setting goals has always been important to me, but this has given us the systems to put in place so that we could accomplish those goals that we’ve set.

Katonga Wright

Attorney, Columbus, GA

I actually didn’t know I needed it. But I’ve been able to shorten the client lifecycle. Increase my profits. I finally try to pay attention to expenses. I just never did. There was enough money coming in so I’d throw money at everything, and now I realize that’s taking away from my profits. Basically I’m learning about how to look at the numbers.

Tarak Devkota

Attorney , Kansas City, MO

On Richard, it was someone who is on fire about making stuff happen and that wants to see things happen, want to help the people around him make things happen. I was worried about whether I was going to be able to make my monthly nut. Worried about how I was going to process these cases, and I was taking a lot of cases that I did not want, but because I needed the revenue from those cases to keep myself afloat and to pay my bills for that month.<br>I have two to three months of expenses in savings. I have new staff that I'm bringing in and that are ready and trained, and that are able to take what we have from Richard James and other stuff that we developed on our own and swipe and deploy and put in place. Also, I'm able to turn away the cases that I want, not only because they were outside of my practice area, but even cases that are within my practice area, but I can tell it's going to be a difficult client. I have the freedom to turn them away.

Keith Whiddon

Attorney, Monroe

The first time I met Richard, first time I came out one of these events, what really struck me was his force of personality. Richard very clearly knows his material forwards and backwards, and he's enthusiastic about what he's doing. He genuinely does want to help people grow their practices, and I found that he knows exactly what he's talking about. Everything he said is correct. Before I started the Partner's Club it was very heavily week to week, I think is probably the best way of putting it.<br>We had very scattered advertising efforts. There were things that I specifically did not want to do because I thought they were silly or that they didn't work, and after joining Partner's Club, and a little bit more of the concept of you need to script things out, you need to be willing to try these things, you need to put tracking numbers on it so you know where your money is going. It's really helped us go from week to week to, certainly, we're still a little bit month to month, but that's because there was a big investment on setting the systems up, but there's a lot to be optimistic about right now and I'm very happy with the way things have gone.

John Razumich

Attorney, Indianapolis