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Discover the Simple Steps to Taking Control of Your Law Firm . . . And Your Life

Symptoms Of A Struggling Small Law Firm

As a small law firm owner

small law firm consulting
Do you struggle to get home in time for dinner?
small law firm consultant
Are you forced to work on Saturdays and even sometimes Sundays?
consulting for small law firms
Are you not earning the money you deserve for the work you do?
law firm management consultant
Do you believe life has to be better than this?
law firm management consultants
Do you know what to do, but lack the accountability to get it done?
business management for law firms
Do you have a plan for retirement, to be able to sell or have someone run your firm?

This isn’t how it was supposed to be. This isn’t why you went to law school. What went wrong?

Not long ago, these attorneys were in the same situation

What did they do? They Started With A FREE Copy of My Book

attorneys guide to personal and financial freedom book

The Attorney's Guide to Personal & Financial Freedom

Stop struggling and start claiming your freedom today!

In this free printed book, celebrated author and famed attorney coach Richard James draws a clear roadmap that will lead you to less stress, increased profitability, more free time, and greater self-empowerment.

Get your hard copy with a bonus audio CD. We even pay the postage.

From the book, you will learn that as a practicing lawyer…

It’s not your fault!

You went to law school where they taught you how to analyze facts and plead cases but not how to run your business. And that’s what’s holding you back from building the law firm you envision.

freedom book not your fault
freedom book learn everything you need

You can learn everything you need.

For over a decade Richard James’ small law firm consulting team helped law firms turn into successful businesses that run automatically so you can do what you do best…and get the rewards you deserve.

What you want above all is freedom

Freedom to run your business as you want, instead of feeling like your business is running you. Freedom to do the work that fulfills you. Freedom to spend time with loved ones, without feeling chained to a phone and a laptop. The kind of freedom we can help you attain through small law firm consulting.

freedom book

These Attorneys Joined Our Partners Club

Now Their Practices Are Thriving . . . and They Have Their Lives Back.

Attorney Brent & Terry Westbrook

Attorney Charles Laputka

Attorney Todd Farmer & Attorney Sam Wright

It's Time to Start Your Partners Club Journey

Find the Right Tools

We hate seeing good attorneys buried under the weight of trying to run a law firm without the right tools and information.

That’s why we are passionate about helping small law firm attorneys gain control of the business and of their companies so they are free to:

blueprint of a thriving small law firm

Establish Your Core Systems

Your Blueprint for a Thriving Law Firm

To accomplish this, the small law firm consulting program focuses on 6 core systems that assure your law practice is functioning at an optimal level:

  • Lead Conversion – discover how to convert leads and prospects into paying clients so your practice and your income grow effortlessly
  • Lead Generation – get to experience how to make the most of your marketing dollar and keep new clients coming in – which means you can stop worrying about doing something you weren’t trained to do
  • Matter Management – discover programs that almost run themselves, an office that runs smoothly, with no glitches, no confusion, and no fires to put out, all set up for you
  • Profit – master getting control of the money coming in and going out, getting clients on payment schedules, and setting up a program that ensures the financial health of your business and your own future
  • Leadership – learn how to get the right person in the right job with a clear order of command, reducing office conflict and streamlining decision-making
  • Mindset – develop the right mindset toward your business which affects everything that happens in it. Know the truth about developing the winning mindset successful attorneys have.

Get Expert Guidance as You Aim for Business Goals

We will give you the map to getting a practice that’s prosperous and predictable. What’s more, we won’t set you out on your journey all alone. We want to make sure you reach all your goals. That’s why we’re here to walk with you every step of the way. We’ll take you through the whole process, answer all your questions, and be here for you when you need us.

personalized practice growth plan

Request Your Free Personalized Practice Growth Plan!

Allow us to invest time with you and help you examine your practice — what's working, what is not, and what proper steps you need to get where you want to be. Signup for a FREE meeting with your Law Firm Analyst today and build a system specific to your practice area that will enable you to achieve personal and financial freedom.

These Attorneys Found Success and Financial Freedom In Our Partners Club

Attorney Katonga Wright

Attorney Kelly & Will Grafton

Attorney Don Golden

Google Reviews:

Since starting with Richard I have been able to streamline aspects of my practice and reduce significant amounts of stress in my life. . . Easily one of the best investments I've made in my career.

John Razumich

Richard James is the best thing I have ever done for my practice. The lessons I have learned have had an amazing positive impact on my practice and quality of life . . . Today I have a level of freedom and confidence that I have I have never had in my 20 years of practice.

William Ausman

Richard and his team give you the tools and the roadmap. I highly recommend them to any attorney who wants to build a practice that enables them to provide high quality representation to clients and provide for their family without missing those important milestones in life.

Matthew Davis

Excellent – teaches you how to run a profitable business that happens to be a law firm- the things they don't teach in law school or most CLE's.

Jeanne Hovenden

Great counsel and advice. Coaching is fantastic and very helpful. This business sets the standard.

Steven Packard

Probably the best thing I ever did for my law practice was to join Richard James' Partners Club. It is an excellent program to grow a law practice.

James Jones

Richard James provides lawyers with the tools necessary to compete in today's economy. His firm command of focus, marketing, organization, finances, and systems along with a stable of hand-picked vendors is truly remarkable.

Debbie Work

Richard James, his program, his staff, and the community of like-minded attorneys he has created are priceless. With the help of the tools, strategies, and leadership from this program we have doubled our revenue several times over.

Kelly Grafton

Richard is the one-stop shop for the best business consultant any attorney can have. Richard will help you identify any problems you have in your law firm and then create a path to reaching whatever goal you wish to attain.

Howard Snader

Absolutely outstanding. I have been working with Rich and Your Practice Mastered for about a year and, without a doubt, it has been one of the best decisions I have EVER made.

Tilden Moschetti

Law Firm Management Products & Services

Your Practice Mastered Toolkit

Train yourself in the fundamentals of successful law firm ownership in this 12-module educational tool created by an expert with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and 10 years in attorney consulting. Access videos, audio files, module workbooks, transcripts, and other training materials at your own pace!

Partners Club

Meet like-minded entrepreneurial attorneys in your town and learn what made them become successful. By joining the Partners Club program, you get access to your regular updates on what is happening in the industry, legal trends, and marketing in general.

1-on-1 Consulting​

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how you can take part in our successful program. Get a full law firm audit. Let Richard James help you map out what you want to accomplish, what goals to set, what you can consider as wins, and how you can start changing your law firm into a thriving practice.