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I’m Richard James, the guy who takes small law firms from chaos to thriving; the guy who arms attorneys with the tools they need to run any kind of business.

I’m tired of seeing smart, talented attorneys like you live far beneath their potential with their law practice, but I understand why it’s happening. Running a law practice is brutally hard. No one helped you figure out how to run a thriving law practice and achieve small law firm growth.

You learned how to practice law in law school…not how to grow a business.

So how did I get into law consulting? A dare. Yes, I dared a friend that I could help him build a thriving, multi-million dollar practice. I knew that if I did, I’d be able to help attorneys around the country achieve small law firm growth and build thriving law practices, too.

Within 2.5 years, I took that law firm from $0 to $3.5 million in revenue.

It was then that I knew I had something that needed to be shared.

Now, years later, I’ve helped nearly 900 attorneys shift from running their practice on fumes to building sustainable, thriving, highly-successful and predictable practices that help them enjoy a better lifestyle and help more people than ever before.

I’m a systems guy. Why do I love them so much? Because when you have your systems dialed in, you have predictability. You know exactly where you’re at and where you need to go. You know exactly how to get your practice healthier.

The secret to a thriving law practice isn’t what you think. It’s not being the best attorney. It’s not having the best marketing campaigns or the biggest billboards in town.

Building a thriving law practice comes down to your ability to function optimally in three core areas:

  1. Operations Systems
  2. Marketing Systems
  3. Sales Systems

These areas are not easy, but they are worth it.

I’ve developed a step-by-step system for designing and implementing automated marketing and legal business systems that build your firm on a foundation of predictable and powerful growth, instead of the fly-by-night gimmicks and strategies you hope will pay off someday in small law firm growth.

In my 20+ years of being in business within several different industries, I’ve found that when you get the systems optimized, success is absolutely inevitable.

Here’s the good news: no matter where your practice is at right now, you can transform it into being predictable, prosperous, and fulfilling. You can take real vacations again. You can earn what you’re worth. You can help the people you want to help.

You can even position your practice for retirement.

Personally, I like my family time. I like my vacations. I like being able to enjoy the life I want and having a business that does what I expect it to.

It’s your turn to experience this, too.

The results were so astounding that he asked Richard if these systems would work for his clients, attorneys. Richard had no doubt that they would and so he started teaching attorneys a program that he called “The DNA of the 7 Figure Law Firm”.

One day while teaching attorneys, a member of the audience asked if Richard would like to prove that his systems worked and offered him the opportunity to start a brand new law firm. The catch was he had to protect the attorney’s license while growing the firm, and if it worked, Richard could tell the world about it, but if it failed, it would fail publicly. Richard took that challenge and built that firm to a multimillion dollar enterprise in less than 3 years time.

Richard’s goal is to work with as many like-minded entrepreneurial attorneys that are willing to take action on proven ideas he provides to get real, measurable results. If you work with Richard, together you will set goals, and if he agrees to get something done, you can rest assured that will be the case.

If you are looking for someone who believes in doing things right, having full accountability and backing it up with action that actually gets results, you should learn more about Richard James; and when you’re ready, he is ready to schedule your complimentary 60-minute “Build the Practice of Your Dreams Session” and start working towards what you’re really after, your freedom.

If you’re looking to develop a law practice that supports your lifestyle rather than completely undermining it, call Richard James today.

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“I have learned a lot. When I first started with Rich, the first month we tracked our lead conversion and how many closes we had and we found our conversion was 18 or 20%. It was really low. If you would have asked me before we were tracking that, I would have said that about 80 percent of the people who walked through that door were going to sign up with me. He taught me that I really need to know what's happening in my firm. Using that information and using those numbers, I have been able to teach my staff how to better close, how to better get people through the door, and ultimately that rate has increased to about 50%!”

Theron D. Morrison, Utah

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