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Life Lessons from Earl Nightingale (Part 1)

Is there someone you look to as a primary influence—someone who fundamentally changed your way of thinking, for all time to come? Perhaps it was an author, a pastor or a motivational speaker. For me, that person was Earl Nightingale—more specifically, his set of audio... read more

Cash Is King: Learn to Get More of It from Your Law Firm

If cash comes with fame, come fame; if cash comes without fame, come cash. – Jack London In my line of work—that is, helping attorneys become wildly successful—I often must remind them of a simple truth: Cash is king. Yes, the practice of law is a calling, and yes,... read more

Streamlining Your Law Firm’s KPI: Numbers You Need to Know

Your law firm is a business, and every business is a numbers game. You know how your business is trending when certain numbers go up or down. We refer to these metrics as Key Performance Indicators or KPI. Examples of good Key Performance Indicators include: Number of... read more

Maximize Your Law Firm’s Profits through Automation

Once you have workable systems for your cash flow, management, workflow, marketing and other aspects of your business, there's one more step to take, in order to maximize your results: automate. Truly, the more of your systems you can automate, the more productive... read more

Effective Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Law Firm

In the past few blog posts, we’ve talked about ways to streamline your law firm’s cash flow, management system, and workflow. The main objective is basically to get these issues out of the way so that administrivia doesn't impede the growth of your firm. Now let's... read more

Streamline Your Workflow to Enhance Your Law Firm

A well-streamlined workflow can be compared to the engine in your car. When you drive, you’re not consciously thinking about the inner workings of your engine–how it causes your car to move forward. (If you’re like me, you’re probably spending that time in the car... read more

Tips for Turning Leads into Clients

In the previous post, we talked about ways to streamline your lead generation. However, new leads don’t automatically translate to income; you must now perfect your methods for converting leads into paid clients. Besides actually practicing law, lead conversion is one... read more

Streamline Your Law Office with Effective Staff Management

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. As a small practice attorney, do you feel like this statement applies to you? Perhaps you feel like you must choose between two scenarios: Scenario 1: If you hire staff members and other attorneys to run... read more

Streamline Your Lead Generation and Tracking Systems

In a recent blog post, I talked about the importance of understanding the difference between marketing and advertising. However, even more important is to understand why you’re doing either one. What is your end goal in marketing and advertising? If you answered with... read more

Streamline Your Law Practice with Improved Cash Flow Management

It's not only how much money you make. It's what you do with it that determines your financial condition.                         —Sandra S. Simmons, author, Unleash Your Cashflow Mojo Make no mistake: Your cash flow habits can make or break your law practice. I’m not... read more

Reminder: You Will Never Get It All Done

As a law firm owner, you are responsible not only for your clients’ well-being but also for your employees’ paychecks and livelihood. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. As such, you might feel huge pressure to finish all your projects – to metaphorically... read more