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law practice management business agility

Developing Agile Teams in Your Law Practice

Aug 14, 2020

Like any other law firm managers responding to the new realities in the business industry, you want to make continuous improvement in your business. This involves not just the right knowledge about legal practice management, but also developing dynamic systems within your company that can readily respond to the evolving landscape.   As a legal practitioner, […]

law firm clients late payments

Why You Need to Make Sure Your Law Firm’s Clients Pay You, and On Time

Aug 9, 2018

We’ve all been there. You put in plenty of hours in good faith to perform legal services for a client, you send the bill, and when it comes due…crickets. Late payments have become so common, in fact, that most of us just think of it as a fact of life. Need proof? Consider the following: […]

client payment

How to Prevent or Minimize Client Payment Issues for Your Law Firm

Dec 28, 2017

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. —Benjamin Franklin   We previously discussed practical solutions to help you deal with late-paying or non-paying clients. Now, let’s discuss an even better approach: Keeping late payments from happening in the first place. By setting up a few proactive systems and processes, you can prevent […]

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