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Lawyer Marketing and Direct Mail

Oct 28, 2021

Direct Mail and Effective Marketing   Keeping up with evolving marketing techniques is crucial to building your law firm and reaching your marketing objectives. Looking for the best marketing techniques is not easy, but also not impossible. Today, law firms benefit significantly from an excellent digital marketing strategy. But marketing online-and offline-require market research and […]

Law office marketing

What Marketing Strategies Do Lawyers Use?

Sep 25, 2021

US Law Firm Management and Lead Generation For you to be able to grow your business online, you need a good marketing team. It is not unusual for lawyers, especially first-time business owners, to have no idea how to market their law office. Without the right people having the necessary marketing skills, you are likely […]

Lawyer marketing services

Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm

Sep 11, 2021

How to Write a Marketing Plan for a Law Firm I count my blessings every day that I have the luxury of working with excellent students. I emotionally feed off our Partners Club events where it takes an hour or more just to hear testimonials, stories, and much good news from members.   Discovering Entrepreneurial […]

law firm business consultant

What to Look for in a Good Law Firm Website Marketing

Aug 21, 2021

If your law firm is into web marketing, having a good website is very, very important. A law firm business consultant can look into your current site and help you improve it. Below, however, is a backgrounder on law firm website marketing that may help.   Create a Well-Planned Marketing Strategy Build Your Online Presence […]

experienced legal systems expert

How Do You Market a Law Firm?

Aug 14, 2021

  The final quarter of the year is a few weeks away. And yes, that’s what we’re looking at this early. If you want to end this difficult year with flying colors, the next months are crucial: bring out the whip and begin the sprint towards the finish line. Year-End Law Firm Business Planning Business […]

law firm business consultant

How to Make the Most Out of Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Aug 7, 2021

In this section, Richard James will give you a peek into a conversation that occurred with a client on one of their regular monthly calls. At times we may purposely omit the client’s name to protect the innocent (and sometimes the guilty). Instead of focusing on a single client, I’ll be sharing my experience after […]

law firm management coach

The 3Ms to Law Firm’s Success

May 26, 2021

The Secret to Business Success During our law firm management coach’s visit at High Point University with Dr. Nido Qubein, he provided a presentation on the three things that each business owner must be able to do in order to become successful. The magic is that there are only three things, the secret is: you […]

law firm marketing advisor

Marketing Lessons from Commercials

May 19, 2021

Learning Marketing from TV Commercials I love the Super Bowl. I love the food, the friends and family, and the spirit of the game? But there was one Super Bowl that we, the family of Richard James, spent while packing boxes in front of the TV and being satisfied with a few dozen wings and […]

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