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Signs that Building a Law Firm Is Not for You

Key Indicators that You Should NOT Be Building a Law Firm

Oct 24, 2019

Not to be a Negative Nancy here (er, Bummer Bob?)…but let’s share a difficult truth: Building a law firm isn’t for everyone. Furthermore, that’s okay. Not every attorney has to own their own firm, nor should every attorney feel pressured to do so. Building one’s own firm offers unique advantages, to be sure—but if entrepreneurship […]

The Basics of Marketing for Your Law Firm

Law Firm Marketing 101

May 9, 2019

If you’re a lawyer running your own firm and you find yourself at a loss when it comes to marketing—you’re not alone. Most law schools don’t teach business and marketing skills needed to grow a business; they teach law. In other words, you learn in law school what to do to help your clients, but […]

How to Market to Higher-Paying Clients for Your Law Firm

Aiming Higher: How to Market to Your Aspirational Clients

Apr 19, 2019

Every law firm—and for that matter, every business—can identify two basic types of clients. We have our bread-and-butter clients, the basic clients who help us keep the lights on month after month; and we have our aspirational clients, the higher-dollar clients we’d like to have more of. Most of us have plenty of bread-and-butter clients. […]

What Happens if Your Law Firm Grows Too Quickly

The Dangers of Growing Your Law Firm Too Fast

Mar 14, 2019

As an entrepreneurial attorney, you naturally want your law firm business to grow—and my own firm is built around providing law firms with the tools and techniques needed to cause tremendous growth. But when those tools and techniques actually start producing results—and they will—are you prepared for the growth? What happens if your business grows […]

Mastering the Art of the Lead Generating Expo

Jan 29, 2016

Setting up at a trade show or a community event where your audience is expected to be hanging out can be a good idea. There are definitely some very strong caveats. The thing is, if you have a staff person or (God forbid) YOU set up a table at an event, the time you spend […]

ROI – Count your chickens (after they have hatched)

Nov 3, 2015

It is not uncommon for me to ask an attorney what the ROI is for each lead source and get a blank stare. Whatever your “spend” is for a lead source, determining just what your return is on each spend can mean the difference between a strong sales funnel and one that is draining your […]

6 Elements every lead magnet book cover should have

Sep 14, 2015

What’s ON your book is as important as what is IN it If you have been following me for any time at all, you know the cornerstone of my coaching rests on having a book to create author, celebrity and expert status. We refer to it as A.C.E. The biggest challenge I have is convincing […]

Higher customer lifetime value, higher profits

Apr 23, 2015

If each NEW customer is worth more money to you, you may be willing to spend more money to acquire customers. That’s a no brainer, right? To find your new customers, you may be willing to spend more and send more. When you send out more mailers to even more in your target audience, you […]

Is your law firm hungry for leads? It’s time to feed it…

Jan 8, 2015

In many civilizations, the people believed there were living powers that controlled their well being. If the Gods were pleased, rain came to nourish the crops and sunshine came to make everything grow. In order to keep the Gods happy, varieties of sacrifices were made as gifts. Your law firm is the entity that you […]

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