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There’s still time: 6 steps to 2016 planning

Dec 21, 2015

As the year winds down, panic can begin to set in as you begin to think another year is going by without serious thought given to your 2016 planning. As with anything else of value, it isn’t going to get done unless you commit time, brain power and a serious level of importance to doing […]

Time to grow again? A new niche might be your answer

Dec 1, 2015

When you have tightened up your processes and systems and are beginning to see growth level off, it is natural to begin seeking sources of new money. Perhaps it is time to add a new niche to keep the party rolling. We have gone over the issues around jumping the gun too early and seeking […]

Building Your New Law Firm: Where do I start?

Oct 19, 2015

If you are just starting out in your own law firm or have found yourself rebuilding and are not sure where to start, listen up. Naturally, your gaining of new business that will help you keep the lights on is high on the list. Yet, I say to you that there are a few other […]

When do you hire a sales person?

Jul 6, 2015

Ask yourself this question: If an unexpected opportunity arose in your life, could you take the day off to take advantage of it? If you have to answer NO to this question because taking a day off literally costs you thousands of dollars and you are the only one to “make the doughnuts” each day, […]

We only have a limited allotment of time…Are you protecting yours?

Dec 18, 2014

We all are only given so many hours on this earth, and none of us knows when the end will be upon us. So, live life as if today was your last because once your gone, you’re gone. We spend countless hours acquiring and protecting our wealth, but we can’t take it with us. Why […]

Masterminds Motivate!

Oct 10, 2014

As many of you already know, I am a disciple of Dan Kennedy, the master of copy. You probably also know that I am a product of his mastermind program too. Today, I am running my own mastermind group for law firm owners. It’s about time to dissect exactly what a mastermind program is for […]

And the winner is….?

Jun 24, 2014

You may have read or heard me talk about the five senses of communication—talking about lead conversion is one of my favorite topics. The subject of five senses usually comes up when I am teaching clients about how they MUST communicate with leads until they BUY, DIE or UNSUBSCRIBE. Why only communicate in one way? […]

Bullseye! Now that is a specific goal…

May 22, 2014

We throw the word ‘goal’ around a lot. It’s the first thing we ask someone when we learn they are beginning a new venture or starting a new diet: What’s your goal? The next thing, we hear from the person is: My goal is to retire early or My goal is to fit into my […]

Who is YOUR Yoda?

Dec 31, 2013

Even if you aren’t a fan of the Star Wars franchise films, you would have to be living under a rock NOT to know who Yoda is. The greatest Jedi knight ever, Yoda not only had a formidable reputation as an incredible warrior, he became an even more powerful figure when he imparted his knowledge […]

Are you running from the numbers?

Nov 26, 2013

Anyone who tells you ignorance is bliss is likely not in business. If they ARE in business and they still think that, it’s likely their numbers are not in the black, as they say, but in the RED. It perpetually confounds me how many lawyers are not aware of their numbers. The last few times […]

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