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Innovating for Your Clients in 2019

What Will You Do Differently for Your Law Firm Clients in 2019, and Why?

Jan 3, 2019

Even as we celebrate the holiday season with family and friends, the end of the year offers us an excellent chance to reflect, closing a few chapters as we prepare to open new ones. Along that line, here’s a question you should already be asking yourself: What will I do differently for my clients in […]

10 Life Changing Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group

Mar 21, 2016

If you own your own law firm, you already know that being in business can be a lonely prospect. Joining a Mastermind Group can help with that, but there are many more reasons to become a part of a strong mastermind group than simply helping with the solitude. Not only will you challenge yourself personally […]

Staff: 5 Actions to Strengthen your Firm’s Superstars

Dec 29, 2015

Great service to your clients begins with great systems. The middle and the ending is all about who will be running your systems. You have invested time, money and sweat in creating your systems. Making the mistakes of carelessly hiring staff or failing to motivate your staff can completely cancel the efforts of your business […]

Time to grow again? A new niche might be your answer

Dec 1, 2015

When you have tightened up your processes and systems and are beginning to see growth level off, it is natural to begin seeking sources of new money. Perhaps it is time to add a new niche to keep the party rolling. We have gone over the issues around jumping the gun too early and seeking […]

Habits Successful People Share

Jul 30, 2015

Have you ever noticed successful people share some of the same habits? If you haven’t, perhaps it is time to begin paying attention to the people in your life who already have the fruit on the tree that you are craving. It won’t take too much study to see them. Being successful is rarely by […]

What’s next you say? Not so fast…

Jul 16, 2015

When your business systems are fixed and your law firm is working like the factory you knew it could be, what’s next? When you are an entrepreneurial type of business owner, you are always going to have this little “problem” of wanting to build another factory. There’s no use in pretending it ain’t so, because […]

Suffer no more. Discover relief from your law firm woes.

May 2, 2015

I have watched attorneys suffer in frustration for years. I finally figured out a formula that works to help law firm owners succeed while still maintaining a life. For the last four years, I have helped many attorneys around the country apply these principles to build several multi-million dollar law firms, and every one of […]

Higher customer lifetime value, higher profits

Apr 23, 2015

If each NEW customer is worth more money to you, you may be willing to spend more money to acquire customers. That’s a no brainer, right? To find your new customers, you may be willing to spend more and send more. When you send out more mailers to even more in your target audience, you […]

Your Law Firm: Everything is working fine until it isn’t…and then….

Mar 5, 2015

You’ve got a major decision to make in your firm. Your law firm location is in a poor spot? Your front end manager is not pulling his weight? Whatever it is, something has to be done and soon. However you frame it, as a business owner you are going to be faced with decisions and […]

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