Are you a wallflower? Here are some tips of how to bloom!

Modern workplaces can make it very difficult for people who are naturally introverted to believe that they are going to be able to genuinely thrive in their work. For one thing, picking the right career in the first place is the biggest tip to achieving success at work. For introverts, this often means looking for a career that enables them to operate autonomously or in a less rowdy environment than some jobs. These jobs tend to be rather more cerebral in nature.

Workplaces that give set rules to each individual employee are generally better suited for workers who are introverted, who tend not to do well in workplaces where decision making, planning and brainstorming always has to be done in large, noisy groups. It is also essential for introverts to be able to structure their day in such a manner that they will be able to get away and make some time for themselves, allowing them to recharge and de-stress.

Unlike the extrovert, who gathers energy from other people, introverts often are drained by too many people. If you are an introvert or have employees who are introverts, prepare opportunities to handle workflow meetings in small groups whenever possible rather than large, bawdy groups where there are many distractions.

The key to coping with social commitments is to be selective and in control and to not over-commit yourself. If they are allowed to, introverts can actually make better leaders than extroverts, due to their diligence, persistence and ability to focus.

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